We are a network and festival and you’re welcome to be part of shaping both. If you volunteer with us, give financially, are a trustee, a patron, contributor… or several of those… you’re Criw. The idea here is that everyone who is part of creating Coda is equally valued. We have different roles, but recognise that each part needs to do its work!
If you’d like to be kept up to date, like the facebook page, join and contribute to the facebook group, and sign up to our email list. We are also on twitter and instagram (not always actively!).
At the moment, a small group of active ‘core volunteers’ meet quarterly to steer things (two of these are paid half a day a week each to coordinate it all). This is an open group and meetings move around Wales; you just need to commit to engaging with the work of the group. Currently this works well for us, doubtless we will evolve!
If you’re interested in being engaged with festival practicalities, get in touch to join our smaller festival working group.

Help us connect to you: sign up to our email list here

amrywiol, cynhwysol, croesawgar, hael
diverse, inclusive, welcoming, generous
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